Russian Foreign Ministry: We focused on the continued efforts to drag Georgia to NATO

10.10.19 11:00

The Russian Foreign Ministry has released a statement on the 49th round of the Geneva talks.


“The focus of attention was the tension near the village of Tsneli in the Georgian-South Ossetian border region, provoked by Tbilisi's decision to relocate the police post directly along the village. This prompted Tskhinvali to take retaliatory measures, including by opening its own checkpoint and temporarily blocking the border with Georgia. We have informed the parties about our approach for the regulation of the situation. We called on the parties to show restraint as well as to take steps to de-escalate the situation by using a direct dialogue format within the framework of existing negotiation mechanisms. Such a position was supported by the participants of the Geneva talks," reads the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


According to the statement, the Russian, Abkhaz and Ossetian parties emphasized the importance of continuing efforts of the participants of the Geneva discussions to reach an agreement on non-use of force.


"We focused on the continued efforts to drag Georgia to NATO, its future militarization and the regular conduct of the North Atlantic Alliance military exercises on its territory. Together with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, we see this as a process undermining regional security," reads the statement.


According to the statement, with the exception of the Georgian delegation, other participants of the Geneva talks assessed the situation on the "borders" with so-called South Ossetia, excluding Tsneli and other problematic sections, as steady.


In addition, according to the statement, all participants of the 49th round of the Geneva talks supported cooperation for solving humanitarian problems, including facilitation of border crossing, promotion of contacts among the population and search for missing persons.


According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the parties agreed that the next round of Geneva talks will be held in December.



source: IPN

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