MP Botchorishvili hopes FAC accurately assesses events in Georgia

24.06.24 18:00

I hope that the events taking place in Georgia will be accurately assessed in Luxembourg at the Foreign Minister’s Council meeting and that the EU member states will not repeat the mistake made back in June 2022, Maka Botchorishvili, Chair of the European Integration Committee, stated.


Botchorishvili found it hard to make preliminary assessments regarding the ministerial meeting.


“We are closely monitoring the discussions in Luxembourg, where foreign ministers are addressing various issues, including Georgia. I hope that the current developments in and around Georgia will be accurately assessed and that EU member states will not repeat the mistakes made back in June 2022, thereby avoiding any pressure on Georgia.


We anticipate clearer discussions compared to the past, where political statements often led to ambiguous interpretations. The opposition for years has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, whether within the European Union or the United States, to paint Georgia in a negative light and advocate for sanctions against Georgian citizens. Their motives for such hatred towards this country remain unclear,” Botchorishvili stated.


Bochorishvili also commented on the recent statement by Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, regarding Georgia’s path to EU membership.


“Suggesting doubts where there is no basis does not contribute positively to Georgia-EU relations,” she remarked.


“Georgia’s journey towards EU membership is a longstanding commitment backed by the will of the Georgian people. It entails making the right decisions to ensure stability and economic growth, prerequisites for EU accession. Casting unwarranted doubts benefits Russia only, not the interests of Georgia or the EU. It would be regrettable if EU leaders and member states make decisions that inadvertently aid Russia rather than fostering stronger Georgia-EU relations,” Botchorishvili concluded.





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