Georgia ranks among top 50 states in Atlantic Council's Freedom and Prosperity Index

24.06.24 17:10

The Atlantic Council has named Georgia among the top 50 states in global rankings for Freedom and Prosperity.


According to the freedom index, Georgia ranks 51st among countries and territories and 50th among states categorized as moderate freedom.


Georgia leads all neighbouring countries and EU candidate states in terms of freedom levels.


The Freedom Index divides 164 countries and territories into four categories: high freedom, moderate freedom, low freedom, and lowest freedom. The assessment considers criteria such as fair elections, civil liberties, political rights, legal clarity, judicial independence and efficiency, corruption levels, public safety, and property rights.


Georgia scored 73.38% in the 100-point freedom assessment system. In the prosperity index, Georgia scored 74.99% and the country ranks 46th globally according to the 100-point assessment system. The Prosperity Index assesses income levels, environmental protection, minority rights protection, public health, education, and equality across six pillars. Georgia has been categorized as having moderate prosperity. Both the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes are compiled by the Atlantic Council’s Freedom and Prosperity Center, drawing on comprehensive international studies, scientific expertise, and aggregated Indexes from organizations such as the World Bank’s Global Governance Indicators, the United Nations, the American Heritage Foundation, and the Organization for Democratic Diversity.




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