Otar Shamugia met with local farmers in Sachkheri municipality

21.06.24 17:31

The Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Otar Shamugia, met with the farmers benefiting from the "co-financing program for agricultural machinery in mountainous settlements" in the village of Speti, Sachkhere municipality.


According to the information of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, the meeting was attended by Zviad Shalamberidze, State Trustee of the Imereti region, Davit Tsitlidze, director of the Rural Development Agency, and local government representatives.


According to the information, the minister focused on the importance of meetings with farmers in the regions and noted that it is on the basis of the issues raised during such meetings that state programs tailored to the needs of farmers are developed.


"Availability of agricultural machinery is one of the main components for farmers, so that they can implement the necessary measures in compliance with the harvest period. Therefore, we have been providing large-scale support for the renewal of agricultural machinery for years. More than seven thousand different types of equipment were purchased by farmers with our support. This year we started a new program directly for the residents of the highland settlement. Within the framework of the mentioned program, we will give them hand tractors - motoblocks with a rather high, 70 percent co-financing. This year more than 5 thousand families will receive this support; Applications have already been submitted to the Rural Development Agency. Procedural review is underway and all relevant applications, which are duly filled and submitted, will be satisfied", said Otar Shamugia.


According to their explanation, the farmers noted at the meeting that they are satisfied with the new program. Renting tractors and tilling the land was time-consuming and expensive due to the queues. Buying hand tractors is a great benefit.


"According to Zviad Shalamberidze, the state representative of Imereti, villages with high mountain status are paid a lot of attention by the central government and many supporting programs are implemented, including the financing program for motoblocks, which is a way for local people to further develop agriculture.


As of June 17 of this year, more than 1147 applications received in the "Co-financing of agricultural machinery in mountainous settlements" program have received positive answers, including 308 applicants from Imereti region, and 166 applicants from Sachkheri municipality. The process of considering the applications is going on in a parallel mode", - it is mentioned in the information.




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