SSG detains one individual on false notification of terrorism alarm

21.06.24 16:27

The State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) detained one Georgian citizen on a charge of false notification of terrorism alarm. The individual faces from 3 to 6 years imprisonment.


According to the SSG, the detainee informed about an explosive in a trade center in Batumi city on May 6. The counter-terrorism unit employees checked the territory and found no explosives inside the building. Tens of notifications followed in the same period about explosives in other public spaces, educational institutions and international airports.


The SSG launched an investigation and determined that the calls were made from foreign countries. The Service identified the countries, e-mails and IP addresses, and continues to cooperate with partner states to reveal the group of individuals involved in the activities.


The SSG noted that strict reaction would follow any fact on false notification of terrorism alarm.




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