Statement by Spokesperson of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Georgia

21.06.24 14:42

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Georgia notes that the head of U.S. Embassy in Georgia recently made some China-related comments when being asked about Anaklia Port during an interview with InterpressNews.


We would like to point out that the assertions of the head of U.S. Embassy in Georgia, such as “China Communications Construction Company is majority owned by the Communist Party of China”, “the CPC and the People’s Republic of China is the number one bankroller and financier of the Russian military today”, are preposterous and seriously inconsistent with facts.


The Chinese side strongly deplores such a statement. The Chinese side must emphasize that the statement mentioned above runs counter to the San Francisco vision established by President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden. The Chinese side also regrets the fact that the U.S. diplomat showed no professionalism when making a statement.




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