Ambassador of Estonia: Georgia may stay in the EU waiting room for a very long time

19.06.24 11:04

Georgia may stay in the EU waiting room for a very long time. We have provided all arguments to the Georgian Government and Parliament, even if they say that they did not hear legitimate arguments, - Estonian Ambassador to Georgia Riina Kaljurand said in an interview with "InterpressNews".


According to the diplomat, the European Union is concerned about the adoption of the law on "transparency of foreign influence" by the Parliament, and it represents an obstacle to the country's European integration.


"When this law appeared in Parliament a year ago, we made it clear that there would be consequences because this law is not in line with EU standards, our values ​​and a democratic society, because it demonizes and stigmatizes a very large part of society. Our message was very clear, if this law is passed, we will not be able to continue business as usual with Georgia, because this is a step that was deliberately taken against everything that we advised you to do," the ambassador said.


According to the diplomat, the authorities should not be afraid that non-governmental organizations pose a threat to them. According to her, the role of civil society in the country is critically important.


"There are many non-governmental organizations in Estonia. Many non-governmental organizations are financed from other countries, EU countries. We are not afraid that they will undermine our democracy. The role of civil society is to be critical of the activities of the government and parliament and to raise critical issues. If you are a consolidated and strong democracy and have a fairly elected government and parliament, you don't have to worry about civil society undermining your legitimacy in any way. There can be tough talk from both sides, but this should be overcome by other means, not by repressive means," said Riina Kaljurand.


According to her, the Government of Georgia claims that it is getting closer to the European Union, but their actions indicate the complete opposite.


"It is unfortunate that the Georgian authorities say that they are getting closer to the European Union, but their actions do not confirm this. You cannot promise people something that is not up to you to promise, such as becoming a member of the European Union by 2030. It depends on us, the member states. We also went through the process of joining the European Union and never questioned such criteria. I think it is that maybe Estonia is a little more sensitive about this issue, because now we know that the requirements for the aspirant countries are always higher than for the existing members", said the diplomat.




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