Giorgi Vashadze: Easy, guaranteed victory is achieved with great unity, we are in favor of big unity

20.06.24 10:45

According to the leader of Strategy Builder, Giorgi Vashadze, Georgian Dream has made a storehouse of black money, thus planning to bribe voters.


As Vashadze mentioned in the PalitraNews program 360 Degrees, the mentioned money is "buried, they have a storehouse of black money".


"During the elections, one and a half billion will be spent to buy voters. They have a storehouse where they keep this money. Bidzina Ivanishvili has his own bank to store this money and many other places too. This money is not in the bank, it is in another place and I know where it is. This money is buried, they have a storehouse of black money.


We will return this money to people and we will pay off the pension loans, we will pay off many obligations that people have", said Vashadze.


When asked whether the money is buried in a private building or in the state, Vashadze answered that in a private building located in the center of Tbilisi.


"It is a private building. I have this information from high-ranking members of Georgian Dre­am, by the way, many people are contacting me. The situation inside is broken, Georgian Dre­am is on the verge of collapse. I think we will see big collapse in September-October. Many people are giving me information because they are trying to save their future. I also encourage others that the sooner they provide us with information regarding criminal activities, the less responsibility there will be on them.


During this period, I have received a lot of other information, which I don't talk about publicly, this is only part of it," said Vashadze.


In addition, Vashadze spoke about the plans of the opposition and noted that Strat­egy Builder and National Movement are supporters of the unity of political parties.


In his opinion, he sees a risk in creating alternative centers, because he does not see the resources to create 2-3 centers in the opposition.


"We are in favor of a big unity, but it is not the only way to win. Easy, guaranteed victory is achieved with great unity, I believe. A person should simplify things, not complicate them”, he said and added that the majority of political parties are in favor of political unity, except Lelo and Akhali.'


When asked what arguments Lel­­o and Akhali have, Vashadze answered that their arguments are more emotional and not supported by deep analysis.


"Many arguments were said. These arguments are more emotional than arguments backed by numbers or deep analysis. No one is proposing to unite around any party, this is the formation of a new conglomerate," Vashadze said.




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