Two migrant ships sank off the coast of southern Italy

18.06.24 16:35

At least 11 people have died and more than 60 are missing after two ships sank off the coast of southern Italy. BBC reports about it. Among the 60 missing, 26 are minors. Migrants heading to Italy from Libya and Turkey were trying to reach Europe on these two ships.


According to the joint statement released by the representatives of the UN Refugee and Displaced Persons Agency, the International Organization for Migration and the UN Children's Agency, among the missing and dead are the citizens of Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


"Families have died. They came from Turkey 8 days ago, they didn't have the appropriate equipment during the trip, and when this tragedy happened, the crews of other ships didn't help either," said Shakila Mohammadi, representative of Doctors Without Borders.


According to the information provided by representatives of the United Nations, more than 20 thousand migrants have died on the shores of Southern Europe since 2014.




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