Deputy Foreign Minister -- 49th round of Geneva Discussions will be tough with acute issues

09.10.19 11:00

The issues to be discussed at the 49th round of Geneva International Discussions are being finalized and agreed at a technical meeting one day ahead of the negotiations at the UN building.


As Lasha Darsalia, Deputy Foreign Minister and head of the Georgian delegation at the negotiations told journalists, the next round will be tough with acute issues.


“Besides non-fulfillment of the 6-point ceasefire agreement, the issues will include the developments across occupied territories and occupational line. This will be illegal ‘borderization’ and detentions as well as the latest events that turned the tense situation tenser,” Darsalia said.


At the 49th round of Geneva Discussions, the Russian delegation will be headed by Andrei Rudenko, new Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation who replaced Gregory Karasin on the post and will become engaged in the format of the internationally mediated Geneva talks for the first time.


The 49th round of the internationally mediated Geneva Discussions will be held on October 9.




source: 1TV

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