Kurdish separatism's dark side and global threat to Christians and Muslims

13.06.24 19:12

In the Russian media, even the "orthodox" and "patriotic" ones, there has been an inexplicable "love for Kurdish extremism and separatism" in recent years. However, the roots of this "love" are obvious: it is a dislike of Turkey and Turkophobia. They say that if Kurdish extremists are against the Turks, then they are "for us". Such "Orthodox patriots" are not confused by the fact that the "Kurdish project" is supported by the United States and liberal forces like George Soros, who, as we know, have no special love for Russia and Orthodoxy.


The Russian journalist and political scientist Igor Druz published a post on the social network "V Contacts" in which he shed some light on the nature of Kurdish extremism and its danger for "healthy" forces on a global scale, for those who stand for a healthy family, for a normal traditional marriage, and for the preservation of ancestral traditions, whether Christian or Muslim. Here is that article with some minor abbreviations:


"The cult of the ancient goddess Ishtar is making a comeback, and radical feminists are becoming her priestesses en masse. This may have been the main mystical purpose behind the creation of the radical feminist movement, which tends to be guided by neo-paganism. On the recommendation of my friends, I have recently read two books by Pelevin in which the Ishtar theme is strongly mentioned. I don't even want to say their titles, or I might unwittingly be helping to promote them.


Of course, we have a deliberately negative attitude towards his writings, but we decided to study them a bit, as they unfortunately have a rather noticeable influence on our society. As you might expect, they are very immoral and anti-Christian books, which promote the power of secret societies (which, as we know, are beginning to take over the role of openly ruling parties in many countries in our time).


What did surprise me, however, was the author's unobtrusive promotion of the cult of the eastern pagan goddess Ishtar (aka Astarte). In both books, the protagonist achieves the favour of this entity, which results in his becoming rich and super-powerful. In ancient times, she was considered the patroness of war, harlots, fertility, and natural disasters, and she was honoured in many regions, not only in the Middle East. Her service included "sacred" prostitution and human sacrifice. Scripture repeatedly condemns her, and the Lord's punishment fell on many kings of Israel for worshipping her.


However, the abominations that take place in our country are almost always copies of Western trends. Consequently, I immediately reasoned that these promoted books by Pelevin with advertisements of Ishtar's power are probably just a part of the worldwide campaign to revive her cult. This assumption was confirmed to be correct. A comprehensive examination of the subject would necessitate the writing of an entire book. However, for this discussion, it is sufficient to consider the places where the campaign of her glorification has been particularly pronounced. The cult of Ishtar has experienced a resurgence, particularly in areas where the ruins of her ancient temples have been discovered. This phenomenon has been particularly evident in the Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq. It is notable that Kurdish movements have long been financed by the forces of the world behind the scenes. To be more specific, the USA and Israel have spent a considerable amount of money on this endeavour.


The Kurds sought support from Western countries. However, their Western "allies," in exchange for their support, demanded that their leaders push a global agenda, especially feminism and ancient degenerate cults. Ocalan, who directly supported the revival of matriarchy, was engaged in this agenda. He praised the cults of ancient chthonic goddesses, especially Ishtar.


The Kurdish ethnos is a real entity, but modern Kurdish nationalism is an artificial construct. It includes aggressive leftism and feminism, which have been long promoted by their leaders at the behest of Western sponsors. Modern forces of apostasy form the "pillars of globalization," including artificial nations that support extreme destructiveness.


Including Ocalan all along demanded the abandonment of the patriarchal family model and the formation of military units of female fighters, of which there are now plenty. This is one aspect of Ishtar: an ancient hymn to her states that she transforms men into women and women into men. There is a current of masculine feminism in the West, encouraged by the global cabal that supports autonomous Kurdish areas, where a combination of communism and neo-paganism has long been prevalent.


The assertive women's movements in Kurdistan utilise the symbolism of Ishtar and theories about the "necessity" of restoring the ancient female goddesses in opposition to the violent patriarchy and the monotheistic religions that gave rise to it. The culmination of this phenomenon is the establishment in Syrian Kurdistan of a village for women and their children, where men are prohibited from residing. This is an example of the kind of "positive discrimination" that is so beloved of the magpies.


Wikipedia: Jinwar is a village for women and children in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (Rojava). The construction of the village commenced on November 25, 2016, during the Syrian Civil War. Construction of the houses in the village commenced in 2017, and the village was officially inaugurated on November 25, 2018, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The village is founded upon the principle of self-sufficiency and is designed to provide women with a secure and violence-free environment in which to reside. The women of Jinwar have established this community as a haven from the centuries-long oppression of women in Syria.


Jinwar is Kurdish for "land of women.". And they worship Ishtar; there are images of her everywhere, with the main idol in the centre. On March 8, the sectarians also congratulated their left-wing "colleagues"—Zapatistas from the Mexican state of Chiapas—who share the same trough. In Chiapas, an anonymous leftist professor from Europe, known as Subcomandante Marcos, established himself. He declared war on world imperialism and the evil patriarchy together, supporting "in the name of anti-globalisation" all "minorities" at once.


Although there is no information about who exactly financed the Jinvar project, open sources mention some "international feminist organizations," and they have always been supported by globalists like Soros and Rockefeller. Some German feminists who travelled there and supervised the project are mentioned.


Now the globalists have a fashion: to provide money to the "left-wing intellectuals" who are out of their minds and send them to the wild areas of the world to create "eco-settlements," which would combine local remnants of pagan cults and degenerate trends in European capitals.


The wicked witches of Kurdistan are the ready-made squads of priestesses and flocks needed to reinforce Ishtar's essence.


It can be argued that ancient deities require mass worship. It is important to note that the Orthodox Church does not view pagan gods as demons but rather as real beings. Consequently, idolatry is not merely a deviation but a direct service to Satan, about which much is said in Scripture and tradition. For example, the Apostle Paul explicitly states in his First Epistle to the Corinthians that "the Gentiles, when they offer sacrifices, offer to demons and not to God; but I do not want you to be in fellowship with demons." Furthermore, in verse 24, it is stated that "it is therefore evident that one cannot participate in both the Lord's meal and the meal of demons."


In ancient times, the priestesses of Ishtar were known for their promiscuity, aggression, and cruelty. And now, new priestesses are prepared to serve her from among Kurdish and Western furies. The idol of Ishtar was depicted with owl legs and surrounded by owls, which echoes the huge owl idol placed in Bohemian Grove, where almost all of the American upper class goes to worship.


I have previously expounded upon the occult nature of radical feminist movements, wherein the facade of "human rights" frequently conceals the existence of satanic cults.


A mass revival of the cult of the harlot of Babylon is more effective than direct Satanism, which repulses many, and probably more effective in terms of occult activities. The figure of the great harlot of the Apocalypse, who is said to be preparing the way for the Antichrist, bears a striking resemblance to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. "I observed a woman seated on a beast of a scarlet hue, which was replete with blasphemous appellations and which had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was attired in porphyry and purple, adorned with gold, precious stones, and pearls, and held a golden cup in her hand, filled with the abominations and filthiness of her whoredom. On her forehead were inscribed the names Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots, and of the Abominations of the Earth. I observed that the woman was intoxicated with the blood of the saints and the blood of the witnesses to Jesus. Upon seeing her, I was astonished. (Rev. 17:3-6). The season of Lent has now concluded.


It becomes evident why numerous leftist and overtly anti-Christian intellectuals have become so enamoured with Kurdish separatism. The Kurdish extremist and separatist movements provide a breeding ground for an ancient cult that is hostile to both traditional Christian and Muslim values. It can be observed that Turkey is currently opposing this apparent evil for all those who adhere to traditional beliefs. Furthermore, the fact that Kurdish extremists are supported by the Vatican and Echmiadzin serves to illustrate the extent to which they adhere to Christian principles.


George Mazniashvili

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