Vice PM Tsulukiani says US sanctions aim to distance gov't and people to overthrow such gov't easily, challenging undefended people

07.06.24 13:02

Today’s sanctions aim to create and deepen the gap between the government and the people. Such a government is easy to overthrow, and people will be left unprotected face to face with threats, said the Minister of Culture of Georgia, Vice Prime Minister, Thea Tsulukiani, on Imedi TV.


According to her, the fight for the main goal of splitting the government and the nation has been ongoing for many months.


“It is as if we are phenomena who neither understand the West nor know anything. We are unacceptable. We must be disconnected from our own nation. Why? Because we’re playing a shield today, and it needs to fall. The current administration is not flawless; no government is perfect, but it is misleading to claim that it is far worse than the previous one. Listing the facts might stretch too far. Those who listen to us understand why it is shameful.


Today’s sanctions, in my opinion, are aimed at creating and deepening the gap between the government and the people, which has not been possible before because the minority on the street is certainly not the opinion of the broad masses of society. When this happens, such a government is easy to overthrow, and then what? People will be left unprotected face to face with those threats, which we are trying to avoid for our country under the leadership of Bidzina Ivanishvili, and we are still succeeding because the threat did not materialize”, said Tea Tsulukiani.


The US Department of State spokesperson, Matthew Miller, announced visa restrictions on dozens of Georgian citizens. According to him, the first tranche includes members of the Georgian Dream, members of parliament, law enforcement officers and individuals.




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