Economy Minister says promoting green economy potential, sustainable development Gov’t “important priority”

07.06.24 12:00

Georgian Economy Minister Levan Davitashvili on Thursday told the 14th Local Economic Development Forum that promoting the potential of green economy and sustainable development represented the Government’s “important priority”.


In his address to the event hosted in the country’s capital Tbilisi, Davitashvili said the Government’s policy aimed at developing the private sector's capabilities, effective management of resources and carrying out structural reforms.


The main part of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations is related to this, and the correct adaptation of these goals and their correct translation into local politics is the main task of different governments”, he said.

It is also important for us to closely coordinate with the local authorities, to align our policies with their decisions, in order to achieve sustainable development and healthy cities, a green, ecologically clean environment and living conditions suitable for our population”, he added.

The Minister highlighted the significance of the Forum, noting Tbilisi was an “important part” of Georgia's economy with almost 51 percent of the gross domestic product being created in the capital, and noted the country’s economy maintained “stability” and showed “one of the highest rates of economic growth” in Europe and the wider region in the post-pandemic period.


Davitashvili said the 2023 growth had amounted to 7.5 percent, while the average growth of the last three years was at 9.7 percent, adding the high rate would continue this year, after nine percent growth between January and April.


To have sustainable development [and] a healthy environment, it is important to conduct sectoral policy in a way that considers these challenges, including the energy policy in sustainable development. Reflecting such priorities in our political decisions that respond to the effective management of resources, the use of smart technologies, the inclusion of innovations, to respond to rapid urbanisation and climate changes with maximum efficiency”, he said.

The official also pointed out sustainable, green and climate-friendly development, energy independence and effective use of renewable energy potential, adding a number of reforms were “actively ongoing” in this regard, which would also include bringing the country’s legislation closer to the European Union.


In his address to the event the Minister also reviewed topics of implementation of “high standards” in the construction sector and development of the transport sector in compliance with environmentally friendly principles, noting the transport was a “growing part” of the country’s economy and adding the Government “closely” cooperated with municipalities to “develop municipal transport and properly manage private transport”.


The law will come into play from 2025, and we will have the ability to transport passengers safely and with quality across the country. This applies to road transport. However, we are also working intensively on the development of railway transport. Together with the private sector, we will be able to overcome the challenges to get a more ecological, clean and sustainable environment”, he said.

Held since 2007, the Forum has become an important platform, with high-level international speakers, industry experts and representatives of the public and private sector and agencies discussing sustainable and long-term perspectives of urban development, innovative ideas and ways to implement them in practice.


This year's two-day event is titled Healthy City – Green, Ecologically Clean Environment, Flexible and Sustainable Urban Development, and is organised by Tbilisi City Hall.




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