Official maps of the “state of Armenia”, including the Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti and the David Gareji Monastery

08.10.19 12:25

It is unfortunate that Georgian patriots do not visit or study the official sites of the “Armenian brothers”. In particular, in the light of Armenian claims to Turkish lands, the so-called “National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia” is not recognized by anyone in the world (except for Armenian nationalists). They have an official website -


And on this site are the “Maps of the State of Armenia. Borders in accordance with the Memorandum of February 12, 1919 of the Armenian unified national delegation at the Paris Peace Conference”(


It is clear that the largest territorial claims of Armenian nationalists against Turkey. But to Azerbaijan and Georgia they are not at all small. The map is attached to their official appeal to the UN “At the UN - On the demarcation of the border between the state of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan” (


The most interesting thing is that the Armenian nationalists posted these cards on their official website in August 2019, when they did not abandon attempts to artificially ignite the conflict around the David Gareji Monastery.


Looking at this map, it is clear that Armenian nationalists illegally claim not only the entire Georgian region of Samtskhe-Javakheti (calling it “Javakhk”) but also the territories of Azerbaijan adjacent to the east of Georgia, which are called “flat Karabakh”. Moreover, this “flat” Karabakh includes quite mountainous Balaken, Zagatala and Gakh regions of Azerbaijan, where Georgians-Ingiloys live along with Azerbaijanis.


But that is not all. The “flat Karabakh” claimed by the Armenian nationalists includes just that part of the David Gareji Monastery around which the same Armenian provocateurs tried to foment a conflict between Georgia and Azerbaijan.


For decades, Azerbaijan has not prevented worship or visiting pilgrims and tourists of that part of the David Gareji Monastery, which is located on Azerbaijani territory. But Armenian provocateurs specifically incited Georgians to violate the border regime. And it’s not at all because they want Georgia’s "good", but because they ultimately want to seize these lands and the monastery located on them. Then it will surely be lost for Georgia, just as the Khujabi monastery was lost, which the Armenian side seized illegally by “moving” the border and, in principle, does not let the Georgians here.


There is no doubt that, having captured the Georgian Samtskhe-Javakheti and the new Azerbaijani lands, the Armenian aggressors likewise “moved” the border in the David Gareji region. Then the Georgians will completely lose their shrine.


Armenian nationalists already have official complaints on Samtskhe-Jvakheti and on the land where Ingil-Georgians live, and on David Gareji, and they have already turned to the UN with them! If their plans are realized, then the entire non-Armenian population from these lands will be expelled. First of all, Georgians.


The Armenian militants already have experience of ethnic cleansing of the Georgian population - just remember the 1992-1993 war in Abkhazia. And on the same official site, the Head of the International Women's Association of Hamshen Armenians “AMSHENKA” and the deputy of the so-called “National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia” Saida Ohanyan congratulated the Abkhaz separatist puppet Raul Khadjimba on “re-election as president”, which was fully provided by the Abkhaz Armenians and the Armenian lobby. (



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