67 law enforcers, 4 protesters recognized as victims of June 20-21 events

08.10.19 13:00

According to the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association, more law enforcement officers have been recognized as victims of the June 20-21 events than protesters.


The Association reports that they applied to the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia to clarify information about the criminal cases in connection with the June 20-21 events.


“According to the information received: the Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating two cases, in which 17 protesters were indicted, while 67 law enforcers were identified as victims;


As part of the ongoing investigation, the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia charged 3 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, while 4 protesters were identified as victims.


The Georgian Young Lawyers' Association continues to study the events of June 20-21 and will present the legal evaluation of the case in the nearest future,” reads the information released by the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association.



source: IPN

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