Vice Speaker: Georgia to continue progress, hatred campaign damages Georgia

28.05.24 16:13

“Soon after, everyone, both citizens and friends of Georgia, will be convinced that Georgia continues its progress,” said Vice Speaker Archil Talakvadze at the plenary.


According to Talakvadze, Georgia will preserve peace and stability and continue economic growth, and it will be obvious that the campaign of hatred was unsuitable and damaging for Georgia.


“Georgia will preserve peace and security, continue economic growth, and civic society will continue its activities. All professionals who served the public good and Georgia’s interests will continue doing their work. Everybody will be convinced that the campaign, filled with hatred, confrontation, and political retribution, was unsuitable, incorrect, and damaging for Georgia. However, the opposition will not bear responsibility for that either. It would hardly admit the truth and reality even once during its political existence,” he said.




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