GD's Talakvadze says Georgia spares no effort to back Ukrainian people, Ukraine

21.05.24 10:50

The Georgian Dream (GD) party member Archil Talakvadze on Monday said: “Georgia is sparing no effort to support the Ukrainian people and Ukraine.”


“Those who claim that the current situation in Ukraine is easy and desirable are misleading the people. On the contrary, the whole civilised world is now supporting Ukraine because of the savagery taking place there,” Talakvadze stated.


Talakvadze’s remark follows Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze’s statement that “One of the leaders of the protests said they are jealous of the Ukrainians; this is not an accidental mistake, their main task is to make Georgia share the fate of Ukraine.”


The GD member deemed it “another inadequate statement from the opposition,” adding that “Instead of supporting our society and the government on the critical topic of support for Ukraine, they make such an incomprehensible statement.”




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