Armenia was offended by Ukraine for banning visits to occupied lands

04.10.19 15:40

Recall that almost all Armenian nationalists consider the capital of Ukraine Kiev “Armenian city”. As their “evidence”, they cite an excerpt from the “History of Taron” of their “historian” (or myth-maker?) Zenob Glak, according to which Kiev was founded by the “ancient Armenians” Quar, Meltey and Herean.


The most interesting thing is that there are not even such dubious sources regarding the "Armenian affiliation" of Azerbaijani Karabakh. Indeed, in antiquity, Caucasian Albania had its own independent state, which had nothing to do with the Armenians and whose history the Armenian falsifiers had recently attributed to “Armenian” in hindsight.


Barbarously destroying Azerbaijani cultural monuments, the Armenian occupiers “from scratch” “in the open field” organized “the ruins of the ancient Armenian Tigranakert”, about which there is not a single historical source.


The life of the Monk Agapit of Pechersky (Armenian doctor) dates back to the 11th century testifies to the life of individual representatives of the Armenian ethnos in Kiev. But there are no independent sources (except for Armenian "historical" tales, of course) indicating that in the 11th century Armenians lived in Karabakh at least in "single copies" and cannot be.


It turns out that Armenians have even more dubious “rights” to Kiev than to Azerbaijani Karabakh.


And most importantly, the current tragedy of Ukraine with the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass is largely the work of Armenian nationalists, primarily the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Kalantarov). They "screwed up a combination" with the annexation of Crimea, redrawing borders and fratricidal war in the Donbass. All in order to create another precedent for redrawing the borders and annexation of Azerbaijani lands.


Therefore, it is quite natural that the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine recalled that it was to visit the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, and so on. "South Ossetia" is possible only with the consent of the authorities of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Ukraine recognizes the territorial integrity of Georgia and Azerbaijan within internationally recognized borders.


The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is very timely. Recall that some Ukrainian citizens for a long time thoughtlessly and illegally visited Abkhazia, and there were those who, when visiting Armenia as tourists, choked on the provocative proposals of the Armenian side to "go to Karabakh." Unaware that by doing so they bring the tragedy of their country and their people closer.


Tens of thousands of dead in eastern Ukraine, including innocent women and children - this is the price of the frivolous "legalization" of separatism, including similar "tourist trips."


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine today calls things by their proper names, occupation - by occupation, violation of the law on the occupied territories - violation of the law. And this literally infuriates Armenian nationalists.



So, on the Armenian nationalist site Voskanapat, in response to statements by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, material appeared under the heading: “Armenia should respond more strictly to the actions of Ukraine” ( which contains almost threats to the Ukrainian state:


“Ukraine began to indulge in a tough form to Azerbaijan. This opinion was expressed in an interview with by analyst Alla Aydiyan, commenting on a recent statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which states that "Ukraine invariably supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Azerbaijan Republic and Georgia within their internationally recognized borders." Recall: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine “strongly recommended that the citizens of Ukraine, when deciding to visit the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region / South Ossetia, as well as their surrounding areas, be guided by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia”, saying that “violation of this legislation entails administrative and criminal liability. ”



“Ukraine has chosen the“ Azerbaijani scenario of behavior ”including with Armenia, nullifying all diplomatic norms of political neutrality,” the analyst said.


“The Armenian Foreign Ministry should immediately have reacted rather sharply to such a statement by the Ukrainian authorities. Such a unilateral approach to the Karabakh conflict is an unfriendly and biased position that cannot add anything positive to the Armenian-Ukrainian bilateral relations, ”says Alla Aydiyan.


“Armenia, through all its diplomatic channels, should have and should still react rather harshly. The late words of the press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry that “the statements of Ukraine on the Karabakh conflict do not contribute to the peace process,” are too inadequate for the unbalanced position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Tighter and relevant actions and steps are needed, ”the analyst concluded.”



The question arises of what can a “poor” and impoverished Armenia do to Ukraine. Declare a trade embargo? Deny their citizens to visit Ukraine.


The fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Georgia shows that the "omnipotence" of the Armenian lobby is limited. This infuriates the Armenian nationalists, who until recently believed that in Ukraine they had "everything seized." Moreover, many Ukrainian politicians began to rigidly raise the question of the need for the simultaneous de-occupation of both Azerbaijani and Georgian, and Ukrainian lands.


“In the near future we intend to initiate enhanced cooperation with our colleagues from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova regarding the liberation of the occupied territories. It is unacceptable that in our time on the territory of these four European countries, the occupying forces were stationed. It is unacceptable that 7 million people in four countries at gunpoint could not live in freedom and peace. I am sure that together with the parliamentarians of the GUAM countries we will be able in the near future to develop an action plan for the liberation of the territories of these countries. The key in this regard should be international pressure and appropriate economic sanctions. Nagorno-Karabakh has been and will always be the territory of Azerbaijan. We will never recognize otherwise! ”, Said recently a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Maryan Zablotsky from the party“ Servant of the People ”of the current Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.





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