Shalva Papuashvili: The age permitted for marriage - 18 years - will be written in the Constitution

22.04.24 14:16

According to the Chairman of the Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, the age permitted for marriage, 18 years, will be written in the Constitution. Papuashvili made the relevant statement during the general public review of constitutional amendments prepared against LGBT propaganda.


"In 2017, it has already been confirmed that marriage is only a union between a man and a woman. What is happening now, with this change, is one thing - other countries also had these entries in their constitutions, however, they created as an alternative, the so-called civil partnership agreement, a legal form that, in fact, placed this union in the same legal dimension. The purpose of this record is to ensure that marriage and the family are what the Constitution defines them to be, and that no legal alternatives are allowed. At the same time, the constitutional marriage age of 18 years will be established. At different times, this age has also changed and this will also be a constitutionally established age," Papuashvili said.




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