Kakha Kaladze on Kelly Degnan: this person continues to make defamatory statements that we heard even when she was ambassador - it is very serious and disturbing

19.04.24 14:15

This person continues the slanderous statements that we heard even when she was the ambassador - this is how the mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze assessed the statement of the former US ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, who said that the authorities are "taking the Russian-style law by force" and she will not be surprised if the process will come to the end.


According to Kakha Kaladze, Kelly Degnan's statements are in violation of all diplomatic relations.


"We all remember what the former ambassador's attitude was. She continues her statements, which are missing everything. As for the draft law, we have talked a lot these days about the importance of transparency. The only thing that the mentioned draft law requires is that specific non-governmental organizations have an obligation to to submit a financial declaration once a year, from whom they receive money and what it is spent on. Therefore, all this cannot be against democracy. On the contrary, transparency will always contribute to the development of the country, and so on. This person continues the slanderous statements that we listened even when she was an ambassador. When you are a diplomat, you interfere in politics and make the kind of statements that Kelly Degnan made, it is very serious and disturbing," said Kaladze.


According to the mayor of Tbilisi, today Georgia has a government that is elected by the majority of the country's population.


"When decisions are made, first of all, we act in the interests of our country. We act to strengthen our statehood, sovereignty. This is the most important, principled and important thing. Then everything else. During all this time that we are in power, we always emphasize that our main concern is to strengthen the statehood of our country. We want to be a strong European state. All the success in the path of European integration is related to the fact that it is written in the constitution the future is the merit of the team called "Georgian Dream", Kaladze said.


According to media reports, according to the former US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, the purpose of the draft law "On transparency of foreign influence" is to prevent the government from allowing international/observation missions to work on the elections scheduled for October.


"I think the reason for the reversal of this law is that the ruling power will not allow the work of international/observation missions during the October elections. The missions that were discredited in the past years. They want to not hear the voice of criticism regarding the election process. I simply have no other explanation." , - noted Degnan, the translation of whose statement is distributed by "Formula".




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