President refuses to sign initiative to cancel mandatory gender quota and returns bill with motivated remarks to Parliament

18.04.24 12:45

The President did not sign the initiative to cancel the mandatory gender quota and returned the bill to the Parliament with motivated remarks.


The President's veto was referred to the Legal Issues Committee for consideration. After the committee, the issue will be discussed at the plenary session.


The Girchi draft law, which provides for the cancellation of the obligation of gender quotas in the process of forming electoral lists, was approved by the Parliament on April 4. Amendments to the laws Election Code and On Political Unions of Citizens were passed in an accelerated manner with the support of Georgian Dream.


According to the bill adopted by the Parliament, all the legal norms that require gender quotas to be taken into account when drawing up electoral lists are cancelled. In addition, the norm of the Law "On Political Union of Citizens" was canceled, which stipulates a 30% supplement to the budget funding for increasing women's participation in politics and strengthening women's organizations in parties.




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