Ruling party official: future of Georgia belongs to Europe

17.04.24 17:09

Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of Tbilisi and the Secretary General of the ruling Georgian Dream party, on Wednesday highlighted that the future of Georgia “belongs to Europe”.


In a social media message, Kaladze noted that “every success” that the country had achieved on its European Union integration path happened under the Georgian Dream party Government.


“Georgia’s future belongs to Europe! Who questions that? If we have achieved any success on the path of European integration, if we can freely travel to European countries with a Georgian passport without a visa, [all this] happened under the Government of the Georgian Dream party. The Association Agreement [with the EU] was signed, we received the [EU membership] candidate status. I promise you that we will join the European Union under the Georgian dream Government”, Kaladze said.


Kaladze also commented on the social media messages of the Georgian national football team players who on Wednesday expressed their support for Georgia’s European future.


“Messages from footballers represent our spirit - our future belongs to Europe! This is how we imagine our country to live with European values. First of all, I want Europe in Georgia and here for our children and future generations. Our ancestors also fought for this, so that we could be free and independent! Let no one be ashamed and afraid to say that our future is Europe!” Kaladze concluded.



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