Kakha Kaladze: We will not allow anyone to give us instructions on what decisions should be made - Do not you like this law?! – Come to power

12.04.24 13:18

We do not allow anyone to dictate what decisions should be made. Do you not like this law?! - Let's go to the authorities, - Secretary General of Georgian Dream Kakha Kaladze said while talking to journalists.


According to him, the "radicals" have their own interests, "they wanted us to lose the state".


"They failed to provide a single argument as to why the draft law on transparency of foreign influence is a Russian law and what it is against. It's crazy, it's unclear. The majority of the population of our country sees very well and understands everything, what is the situation, what is the pressure, the attacks.


We will protect the interests of this country, the future of our country. No one is allowed to dictate what decisions should be made. Do not you like this law?! – Come to power. You are in the minority today and will be for a long time. These people do not act in the interests of the country. They have their own owners, they have their own interests. They wanted the country to join the sanctions. If we had joined the sanctions today, where would we have been? We may have lost the state. These dirty radicals wanted it, we didn't give them the opportunity. As a result, we received a lot of slander and insults. The motherland and our country are primary for us," Kaladze said.


When asked how he would evaluate what theater director Davit Doiashvili said after the performance: "No to the Russian law", Kaladze explained: "You can't imagine the bullying these people are subjected to. Do you think Doiashvili is happy and satisfied with what he said? I'm sure this was preceded by the biggest bullying".




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