Kakha Kaladze: Of course we all want Europe

10.04.24 14:07

Of course we all want Europe. Do you think I don't want Europe? – said the Mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze.


As he said, if "anyone thinks that replacing one master with another master is democracy, it's not."


"First of all, I want Europe in Georgia. We have to live like a European. It implies fairness, acceptance of dissent, freedom of speech and expression, protection of property rights, freedom of business. These are the basic principles we follow and adhere to. When we say that we want Europe and a European future, this does not mean giving up our country and statehood. Why did we fight? - In order to be independent, free. I repeat once again - if someone thinks that replacing one master with another is democracy, it is not," Kaladze said.




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