35 years passed after April 9 tragedy

09.04.24 11:07

Today, 35 years passed from the April 9 Tragedy in Tbilisi when the Soviet Army violently dispersed a peaceful, anti-Soviet demonstration in the center of Tbilisi. The violence dispersal resulted in 21 civilian deaths and hundreds of injuries. April 9 is now commemorated as the Day of National Unity.


On March 31, 1991, Georgians voted overwhelmingly in favor of Georgia’s independence from the Soviet Union in a referendum. With a 90.5% turnout, approximately 99% voted in favor of independence.


On April 9, the second anniversary of the tragedy, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia proclaimed Georgian sovereignty and independence from the Soviet Union.


The names of heroes who died 35 years ago are: Aza Adamia, 22; Natia Bashaleishvili, 16; Eka Bezhanishvili, 15; Nato Giorgadze, 23; Tamuna Dolidze, 28; Tina Enukidze, 70; Nino Toidze, 25; Zaira Kikvidze, 61; Manana Loladze, 33; Tamar Mamukishvili, 50; Venera Metreveli; Mamuka Nozadze, 22, Nana Smarguliani, 41; Shalva Kvasroliashvili, Marina Chkonia-Samarguliani, 31; Eliso Chipashvili, 25; Tamar Chovelidze, 16, Nodar Jangirashvili, 40; Mzia Jincharadze, 43, Manana Melkadze, 23; Gia Karseladze, 25.



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