"Georgian Airways" starts selling air tickets on special direct flights for Euro 2024

01.04.24 14:29

Ticket prices for special charter flights to attend the football championship in Germany will start from 295 euros. "Georgian Airways" informs about this.


According to them, direct flights will be performed according to the following schedule:


From Tbilisi to Dortmund - June 17 (departure from Dortmund to Tbilisi on June 19);


From Tbilisi to Hamburg - June 21 (departure from Hamburg to Tbilisi on June 23);


From Tbilisi to Dusseldorf on June 25 (departure from Dusseldorf to Tbilisi on June 27).


"Direct flights will be operated at convenient times for passengers to attend the matches. Airline tickets will be available on the airline's website, sales offices and partner agencies. www.georgian-airways.com", the information states.


In addition, they explain that due to a technical error on the website, the sale of air tickets could not start at the scheduled time, at 13:00.


"Sorry for the inconvenience! Airline tickets are already being sold at the sales office: Rustaveli Ave 12 and partner agencies. We will provide you with additional information on the elimination of the technical error on the website", Georgian Airways explains.




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