Georgia qualifies for European Championship with victory over Greece

27.03.24 10:11

The Georgian national football team has made history by qualifying for the European Championship for the first time ever. In the playoff final of the qualifying stage for Euro 2024, Georgia hosted Greece in a highly anticipated match. In a tense and hard-fought contest, Georgia emerged victorious in the end.


The match saw intense action, with both teams vying for control. The Georgian team displayed determination and initiated several attacks, although scoring opportunities were hard to come by. The first half ended without goals, and tensions escalated during halftime, resulting in disciplinary actions from the referee.


In the second half and extra time, both teams battled fiercely, with Greece posing threats on goal and Georgia pushing forward in search of a breakthrough.

The decisive moment came in the penalty shootout, with Georgia emerging victorious after a series of penalties. With a final score of 4-2 in the penalty shootout, Georgia secured historic qualification for the European Championship.


Georgia will make its debut at the European Championship with its first match scheduled against Turkey on July 18 in Dortmund.

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