Parliament Committee Chair highlights Georgia's importance for European security

29.02.24 11:23

Maka Botchorishvili, the Chair of the Georgian Parliament's European Integration Committee, on Wednesday highlighted Georgia's pivotal role in European security, stressing the significance of peace in the region for broader European stability.


In her remarks, Botchorishvili noted that the European Union’s perspective on security extended beyond its member states.


“When we talk about European security, we don't mean only EU member states. The European Union is looking at this issue more broadly, and of course Georgia is a place where peace is important for European security”, Botchorishvili noted.


With Georgia now designated as a candidate for EU membership, Botchorishvili emphasised the deepening of the cooperation between the EU and Georgia in security.


She indicated that Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, as new candidate countries, were considered in the context of the future of the European Union and as future member states of the bloc.



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