First Vice Premier vows electoral environment for 2024 vote will be “as transparent as possible”

28.02.24 18:07

Levan Davitashvili, the Georgian Minister of Economy and the First Vice Premier, on Wednesday pledged the electoral environment in the country would be “as transparent as possible” ahead of the parliamentary elections in October.


“The electoral environment will be as transparent as possible. The election process will be held at a high standard, therefore freedom of expression will be guaranteed”, Davitashvili said.


In his response to a question on possible interference of Russia in the elections, Davitashvili said all potential risks would be “taken into account and prevented”.


He added he would make “specific comments on specific cases”, but added general discussion on the topic was “baseless”, and further claimed the issue was “an attempt by the opposition to destabilise the election process, which has no basis”.




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