Parliament Committee Chair highlights Gov’t’s desire to have “deeper” alliance, partnership, strategic relations with US

28.02.24 17:43

Nikoloz Samkharadze, the Chair of the Georgian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, on Wednesday highlighted the Georgian Government’s desire to have “deeper” alliance, partnership and strategic relations with the United States.


In his remarks, Samkharadze noted to have received “honest” responses from the US Ambassador Robin Dunnigan, who on Wednesday addressed the MPs in the legislative body.


“We received quite honest answers from the US ambassador to all the pressing matters we were interested in. Among them, of course, the matters related to visas and direct flights [between the two countries], free trade were raised”, Samkharadze said.


“We are motivated and want to have a deeper alliance, partnership, and strategic relations with the United States. Accordingly, all of this requires additional steps to be taken, both from our side and from the United States side”, he concluded.




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