MEP Nacho Sánchez Amor lauds Georgia’s EU candidacy, says being candidate doesn’t mean being “servant” of EU foreign policy  

28.02.24 10:55

Nacho Sánchez Amor, a member of the European Parliament, on Tuesday commented on Georgia's candidacy for European Union membership, emphasising that to be a candidate country is not to be a “servant” of European foreign policy.


Sánchez acknowledged Georgia's sovereign rights and unique geopolitical circumstances, particularly its history of Russian occupation.


Sánchez underscored the importance of progress in EU-Georgia relations, acknowledging that while alignment was desired, it should accommodate Georgia's specific conditions.


He highlighted Georgia's active participation in EU missions as evidence of its commitment to closer cooperation with the bloc.


Regarding enlargement processes, Sánchez Amor noted that geopolitical considerations often drive them, but adherence to EU norms and conditions remained paramount for candidate countries.


He expressed criticism of the EU's previous decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova status ahead of Georgia but welcomed the correction of this political error.


“As you know, I strongly criticised the decision of putting Georgia on a different level. Now we’ve mended this mistake. It was a political mistake. Now you have to formally comply with many other things”, he concluded.



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