Salome Zurabishvili left for Great Britain

27.02.24 14:32

President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili left for Great Britain today. According to the presidential administration, on February 28, the president of Georgia will attend an event organized by Chatham House - the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, in which politicians, diplomats, academics, business representatives and young people will participate.


"At the event, it is planned to give a speech by the President of Georgia, after which the event will continue in question-and-answer mode. Challenges facing democracy, the changing political balance of the South Caucasus, prospects for Georgia's European future, relations between Tbilisi and Moscow, the impact of the war in Ukraine on Georgia and the upcoming parliamentary elections are discussed.


At the event, the president will be hosted by the chairman of Chatham House, the director of the Eurasia program, James Nix.


"The Royal Institute of International Affairs is a British think tank operating in London, whose purpose is to analyze and promote understanding of major international issues and current events," the information reads.





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