Peter Szijjártó: Georgia has long deserved the membership of the EU

20.02.24 15:45

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Szijjártó, promises that he will do everything during the presidency of the Council of the European Union to advance the accession negotiations with Georgia.


"Expansion policy could easily be a great success story for the European Union. And although almost every state argues in front of the public, when decisions need to be made, many people pull the handbrake," the head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote on Facebook.


According to him, Georgia has long deserved the membership of the EU.


"Georgia has long deserved the membership of the EU, and today the first EU-Georgia Association Council meeting will be held in Brussels. During the Hungarian presidency of the next semester, we will do everything we can to ensure that Georgia moves as quickly as possible with accession negotiations," says Peter Szijjártó.





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