Davit Usupashvili: Dream is preparing to seize power

20.02.24 15:05

Dream is preparing to seize power - those in power are not busy preparing for fair and free elections, they are mobilizing all the government resources for their victory. It is good that the observation mission arrived a few months before the elections, Lelo MP Davit Usupashvili told journalists before the meeting with the NDI observation mission.


According to him, the use of administrative resources, political persecution, and intimidation of opponents happen before the elections, and observation mechanisms are important in this context.


"It is good that many experienced politicians and election observers came to Georgia through NDI. We hope they will use their experience so that together with us and the Georgian people, Dre­am will not be allowed to seize power with us and the people. However, Dre­am is preparing for this. They directly declare that they will not leave power through democratic elections, those in the government are not busy preparing for fair and free elections, they are mobilizing all government resources for their victory. Therefore, it is good that the mission arrived a few months before the elections because there are many issues to be resolved before that.

As a rule, the use of administrative resources takes place before that, political persecution and intimidation of opponents takes place in the previous months, and we hope that the observation mechanisms will create a serious problem for the government. But we, Le­lo, consider that the main problem for the government should be created by the Georgian people and political forces, and we should prepare even better for it.


It is entirely up to the opposition to raise the level of confidence in the elections among the population, to demonstrate that we are going to protect the votes of all citizens, not only our voters or our votes.


We must overcome the nihilism incited by the government. The government does everything to keep the opposition-minded voters at home. Low turnout always favors the government, because it always manages to bring its supporters to the ballot boxes with various levers. Therefore, we should increase the confidence and enthusiasm of the population that change is possible through these elections, we should all be united," said Usupashvili.





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