Economy Minister says “many important tasks” to be accomplished in 2024 in “coordinated, high-level manner”

12.02.24 16:20

Georgian Economy Minister Levan Davitashvili on Monday said “many important tasks” were set to be accomplished by his office in 2024, adding the Government would work in a “coordinated, high-level manner” to achieve the goals.


A very intense year awaits us, we have many tasks to accomplish. We have planned the main directions on which we will work with the new composition. We also talked about more accountability, [...] transparency, which has been an important priority for each ministry so far, and it will also be a priority, including in relations with the media”, Davitashvili said.


I will be the curator of the field of energy [...] When the country's First Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development personally leads the sector, this is also a demonstration that the energy sector is a high priority for us”, he said. 
Davitashvili added the Government’s decision was “unequivocal” in paying “even more attention” to the energy sector. 


Consolidated ministries like the Ministry of Economy, as a rule, allow for more resources, more coordination for one or another area, and all this is the basis of flexibility to develop the field more successfully”, he said.
The official added combating corruption and seeking its elimination was also a priority task of the Government, adding Georgia was in an “advanced” position in “all international ratings and assessments” on the matter.


Although we may be one of the most transparent, least corrupt countries in the region, corruption is naturally unacceptable [...] Any achievement in this or that field does not mean that we should be satisfied and not aim for greater results”, he pointed out.
The Minister added it was important to “raise the standard to a[n even] higher level” in state efforts to combat corruption. 





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