Rati Ionatamishvili: The main interest of the opposition lies in the fact that the CEC will be headed by an opposition party representative

09.02.24 14:49

The main concern and interest of the opposition is that the CEC should be headed by an opposition party representative - this is what worries the opposition, because as a result of the presented changes, the relevant levers will be lost, - this is how Georgian Dream MP Rati Ionatamishvili responds to the criticism of the opposition.


As Ionatamishvili stated at the plenary session of the Parliament, what the opposition really wants is not related to the organization of fair and democratic elections.


"It is often when they point to Western practices. Is there a precedent somewhere that the head of the CEC is a party person?! This is a concern of the opposition, which has nothing to do with democratic processes or the organization of fair and competitive elections. The opposite of this is the reason why they enter into polemics," Ionatamishvili said at the plenary session of the Parliament.


The package of electoral changes, on the basis of which the changes in the procedure for electing the members of the CEC and the chairman of the CEC are implemented once again, will be discussed by the Parliament in the second reading - article by article.




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