Defence Minister: NATO leaders view Georgia as “closest partner” among non-member states

09.02.24 14:07

Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Chikovani on Friday said leaders of NATO viewed Georgia as the “closest partner” among non-member countries, as a credit for the state’s “achievements” of the past 10 years.


The Minister added the goal of the Government was full integration into NATO, as defined by the constitution of the country.


People who asked if there is any question mark about our NATO integration did not hear the answer and only voiced their own questions. The answer is simple: full integration into NATO is our goal, which is spelled out in the constitution”, he said.
Chikovani highlighted “years of history” of relations between Georgia and the alliance, which he said was “confirmed” not only by the Government but also the bloc itself.


The official was confirmed as the new Defence Minister as part of Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze’s cabinet on Thursday.



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