Guram Macharashvili: Politicians said that they had been invited by the President

08.02.24 11:39

Parliamentary majority deputy Guram Macharashvili, a member of the People's Power, echoed the meeting held between the opposition and the President with journalists.


Macharashvili states that Zurabishvili's all initiatives has so far ended in failure.


"All initiatives of the formal President has ended in failure. Unfortunately,s he did not have the strength to give her last speech in a way that she would not go down in history as a President who took steps against the country, violated the Constitution and insulted her own voters. She made this choice herself, went down in history as a President who ignored the Constitution, the oath, her own society, the state. She made this choice herself. The new initiative will also fail. We saw it yesterday, politicians said that they had been invited by the President, but they say they did not talk about politics or unification. I hope they enjoyed that cup of coffee, if they drank it at all ", said Macharashvili.



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