Armenian inscriptions and Armenian claims for David Gareji

29.05.19 12:20

As Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II rightly emphasized in his statement regarding the situation around the David Gareji monastery, “another force wishes to create serious problems between Azerbaijan and Georgia.” What kind of power it is - you can immediately guess from the almost “enthusiastic” publications regarding the situation around David Gareji in the Armenian media.


Understanding the “joy” of Armenian nationalists is not difficult - they really want Georgia and Azerbaijan so hated by them to quarrel among themselves.


For example, the obviously provocative material David-Gareji is Georgia: the scandal over the monastery on the border with Azerbaijan flares up. (


More precisely, that “Armenian brothers” want the scandal “flares up”, who recall already managed to not only embroil Russia and Georgia, but also “grab for themselves” one of the best parts of Georgia, Abkhazia, with the hands of the Russian army. Armenian militants of the Baghramian battalion showed their “brotherhood and friendship” towards the Georgians and Georgia very well.


In Abkhazia and where now Armenians make up the majority, controlling the entire economy of the occupied territory and “settling down” in the “captured” houses of the Georgians killed and expelled by them. And most importantly, not only Georgian refugees but Georgian priests are not allowed to visit Georgian churches and monasteries.


However, Armenians do not allow Georgian priests into the Khujabi monastery that are located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and Georgian monasteries declared as “Armenian”, as well as into the illegally seized by unauthorized “border crossing”.


“There are inscriptions in Armenian too” - reports Sputnik-Armenia from the very beginning about David-Gareji. Considering that the Armenian authorities appropriated themselves and declared all the Georgian churches on the territory of the Republic of Armenia without any Armenian inscription Armenian, it becomes clear that Armenian nationalists consider David-Gareji all the more “theirs”.


They emphasize this in the article with the phrase “Armenian temples are also called monuments of Caucasian Albania in Azerbaijan”. Recall that without exception, the Christian heritage of Caucasian Albania is declared by the Armenian falsifiers to be “Armenian”, and Caucasian Albania is also considered the “Armenian state”.


Armenian nationalist do not doubt that David Gareji is “Armenian monastery”. But for now, they are artificially trying to sow hostility between Georgia and Azerbaijan and state their claims to David Gareji in a somewhat “modest” manner. Although even so, these claims are visible to the naked eye. Especially constantly recurring thesis about the "Armenian inscriptions" in David Gareji.


However, Armenian falsifiers also consider the Georgian inscriptions in David Garedji as “Armenian”, more precisely “made by Armenian Chalcedonites”. Here, for example, the section "Inscriptions of the monastery" from the article they clearly concocted from the Russian-language Wikipedia by the dedicated to David Gareji.


“According to calculations, in the David-Gareji monasteries there are many inscriptions: Georgian, up to 20 Armenian, 8 Greek and 21 eastern (in Arabic), as well as a unique tetra-lingua, that is, a four-lingual inscription - in Georgian, Armenian, Greek and Arabic. The paintings of the seventh church of Saberebi in David-Gareji, dating from the 9th — 10th centuries, in which the images are accompanied by inscriptions in Armenian, Greek and Georgian, are worthy of attention. The non-traditional motif of the Crucifixion iconography, caused by the apparently polemic of Armenian-Chalcedonites with representatives of the traditional Armenian Apostolic Church, is also explained by the presence of Armenians in the monastery”.


Thus, it turns out that the Georgian inscriptions in David Gareji wrote by “Armenian Chalcedonies” and none other! Debating with other Armenians it turns out that Georgians there was not even close!


Recall also that the Armenian nationalists put forward official claims for 465 Georgian churches in the territory of Georgia itself. In the majority of which there is nothing Armenian at all, including inscriptions. For example, there is not a single Armenian inscription in Kumurdo Cathedral in Samtskhe-Javkheti. Nevertheless, in September 2017, Armenian provocateurs tried to seize the Georgian police with stones at this temple!


David Gareji is on the border with Azerbaijan, and so far Armenian nationalists cannot “reach out” there. But they provoke a conflict ultimately "in their own favor." And, of course, they claim both this land and the shrines located on it (“Caucasus Plus” has already written about this in the article “Creeping Border”, “surrender” to the Armenians of the Georgian Khujabi monastery and Armenian claims to David Gareji”


If David gareji monastery was close to Armenia, either “within Armenian reach”, it could well be comprehended by the fate of the Khujabi monastery seized by Armenians or, even worse, the fate of Georgian churches and monasteries in Abkhazia, where “Armenian Christian brothers” along with the separatists killed or expelled all Georgian priests and monks.



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