The legacy of the Albanian Autocephalous Church awaits the descendants of the Christians of Caucasian Albania!

16.01.24 13:05

The fact that they have succeeded in forcing almost all Christians to leave Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh is now regarded by the Hay nationalists as "almost a victory". This includes those who trace their ancestry not to Hay migrants, but to the ancient Christian population of Caucasian Albania and Christian Turks. The Hay separatists said directly - "if you do not leave, you will be brutally killed". Killed by them - the separatists. Local Christians were forced to leave under threat of death. This could be seen in numerous interviews given by migrants at the "conditional" Azerbaijani-Armenian border.


 The "apotheosis" of the separatists' "voluntary forced exile" was a horrific terrorist attack on a petrol station in Khankedi by Hay terrorists and "Artsakh" separatists. After that, even the bravest realised that there would be no mercy from the "long-suffering" Hay terrorists and left the Azerbaijani territory under the pressure of the separatists.


Today, psychological terror against them continues on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and other countries with a Caucasian diaspora. Especially against those who make timid attempts to start the process of restoring Azerbaijani citizenship, which is guaranteed by the Azerbaijani government to all natives of Karabakh.


Every Karabakh Christian who intends and wants to maintain good relations with his native country Azerbaijan, as well as the possibility to return and come to his native places, is subjected to psychological pressure, harassment, threats and blackmail by the Hay lobby, extremist Khay organisations.  Any "non-hostile" and even positive statement about Azerbaijan is a reason to start psychological terror against such people. Thus, the Hay lobby artificially creates the illusion of the alleged "eternal hatred" of the descendants of the Christians of Caucasian Albania towards Azerbaijan.


The paradox is that the Hayan nationalists, who cry out for "Christian solidarity", regard the descendants of the Albanian Christians of the Caucasus who are returning to the faith of their forefathers as nothing short of "traitors". Except for those who, in the interests of Echmiadzin and the Vatican, are willing to play the role of a "fifth column".


Aggressive Hay nationalism and Turkophobia, which Echmiadzin supports in every possible way, have long become an unbearable spiritual yoke for thousands of descendants of the Christians of Caucasian Albania. Especially those who understand that they have nothing to do with the Hay ethnos and its Monophysite church organisation in Echmiadzin, neither by blood nor by origin.


Only the Udi people, who are aware of their descent from the original inhabitants of Caucasian Albania, have miraculously managed to throw off this spiritual yoke. But under this yoke and psychological terror of the Hay nationalists and Echmiadzin, the descendants of the ancient Christians of Caucasian Albania (including Karabakh), as well as the Armenian Kypchaks (i.e. Turkish Christians of Kipchak origin) who were historically spiritually subordinated to the Albanian Catholicosate and forcibly registered as "Armenians", continue to be under this yoke and psychological terror of the Hay nationalists and Echmiadzin. The prefix "Armenian" only means that they were artificially "converted" to the Monophysite Armenian-Gregorian faith through the intrigues of the Hay clergy. Today, there are communities of descendants of the Armenian Kypchaks in Russia, Ukraine and Poland who, in principle, do not resemble the "classical Khayes" in appearance or spirit.


The desire to restore historical justice has been with these people for a long time. In 2016, long before the liberation of Karabakh, Eduard Vartanov (Russia), Artur Agajanov (Ukraine) and a group of activists from the "Movement for the Restoration of the Albanian Autocephalous Church and the Heritage of Turkic Christians" published a petition:


Appeal to international organisations: Save the Heritage of the Albanian Autocephalous Church and the Armenian Kipchaks ( )


Numerous communities of Christian Polovtsians (Armenian Kipchaks) have lived in the Don, Crimea, Ukraine and Eastern Europe for centuries. Their important role in the trade and cultural-historical life of their regions is well known, but the fact that they remained spiritually linked to the Church of Caucasian Albania throughout all the centuries since their baptism is now completely forgotten. This is because in the 19th century the Armenian Church of Echmiadzin, Armenian figures close to the Russian Imperial Court, fraudulently did everything possible to re-subordinate them to Echmiadzin, thus breaking their spiritual link with the Church of Caucasian Albania. In the early years of Soviet power in the Don, the Stalinist regime in the person of Anastas Mikoyan carried out a total annihilation of the Don's intellectual elite - the last keepers of the memory of the "Albanian baptism" of their Turkic Kipchak ancestors. In 1925-26, the Gadziev brothers, who led the national enclave on the Don, were arrested. They were shot because they and their like-minded friends had resisted Mikoyan's initiative to establish "Little Armenia" on the Don by introducing the "Yerevan" language, alien to the Armenians of the Don, and using it in local institutions. Apart from the Gadzievs and all their relatives, hundreds of their followers were shot and died in the camps. It was only decades later that some of these victims were rehabilitated - those who had relatives who kept the memory of the innocent condemned alive.


Over the years, Mikoyan explained the Stalinist period: "We were all villains". Even from the grave, the old party fox covered his bloody footprint in power. In the case of the Gadzievs, "we all" is by no means an admission of personal guilt. To this day, the case of Anastas Mikoyan lives on, "gently" suppressing the ethnic consciousness of the indigenous Armenians of the Don, along with the memory of their roots and the Kipchak heritage of their ancestors.


This is done through propaganda in the media, through school education with the imposition of a language culture alien to the Don Armenians, called "correct Armenian language". However, the resistance of the native Armenians of the Don is not broken. We continue to resist the onslaught of the linguistic frontier and are therefore interested in scientific research into both our Turkish roots and our spiritual connection with the Albanian Autocephalous Church. In two years' time it will be nine centuries since our pagan ancestors settled in Ani and Shirak (on the territory of present-day Armenia), where the Albanian Autocephalous Church welcomed them into the bosom of Christian civilisation - in those years when there was no "Echmiadzin" in the South Caucasus.


Also on behalf of a group of Karabakh Christians who are descendants of Karabakh Albanians, we appeal to the international community to save the remnants of our Albanian spiritual, cultural, historical and architectural heritage from Armenisation. We Karabakh Christians and Armenians (Hayes, Haykans) are different peoples with different cultures, spiritual values and world views. Many Karabakh Christians are ethnically distinct from the Armenian people. For the last two centuries we have been forcibly subordinated to the Armenian Church of Echmiadzin, deprived of our ethnic identity and temples, and written off as ethnic "Armenians". But for centuries Karabakh Christians were subordinated to the Albanian Autocephalous Church, which was abolished in the early 19th century and all its heritage was transferred to the Armenian Church of Echmiadzin. We urge the Russian scientific community, as well as the UN, UNESCO and other international structures, to support the rescue of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Armenians of Ani-Crimea-Don, as well as the Armenians of Karabakh, who to this day remain faithful to the holy relics of the Albanian Church. We express our gratitude to all those who contribute to the idea of reviving the Albanian Church, its temples and spiritual heritage.


Join this petition and help save the heritage of the Albanian Autocephalous Church and its peoples from total Armenisation.


Eduard Vartanov (Russia)

Artur Agadjanov (Ukraine)

And a group of activists from the "Movement for the Restoration of the Albanian Autocephalous Church and Christian-Turkish Heritage"

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