NBG Acting President: Georgia's international currency reserves at historic maximum

06.12.23 14:55

“Georgia’s international currency reserves this year are at a historical maximum and within an adequate level,” said Natia Turnava, Acting President of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), addressing the parliamentary Finance-Budgetary Committee meeting.


Natia Tunava said that the volume of international currency reserves in October amounted to USD 5.1 billion.


“Maintaining international currency reserves at the adequate level contributes to the minimization of sovereign risks and serves as a positive factor for investments and macroeconomic stability,” she said.


The NBG Acting President explained the NBG continues replenishing international currency reserves more actively.


Natia Turnava also spoke about the dominant trends of the NBG’s monetary policy, which describes the principal instruments for reaching the target inflation rate and reviews the current macroeconomic environment and risks.



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