Defence and Security Committee Chair: Georgia deserves NATO membership, ball is in NATO court

06.12.23 11:30

“Georgia is ready for NATO membership. It deserves NATO membership and now the ball is in the Alliance’s court,” said Defence and Security Committee Chair Irakli Beraia in Brussels.


According to Beraia, the Georgian delegation arrived in Brussels to discuss Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and the decision that should be made by “taking into account the current geopolitical situation.”


“Our delegation’s voice will be loud in telling the Alliance member states that we expect cognate steps from our partners,” he said.


Chaired by Parliament Speaker Shalva Ppuashvili, the Georgian delegation departed for Brussels, Belgium, on an official visit on December 5. The delegation comprises Foreign Relations Committee Chair Nikoloz Samkharadze, Defense and Security Committee Chair Irakli Beraia, and MP Ketevan Turazashvili.





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