Education Minister announces plans for salary raise for teachers from July 2024

04.12.23 18:10

Starting from July 1, 2024, teachers’ salaries in Georgia will see an average increase of 500 GEL for a full workload, Georgian Education Minister, Giorgi Amilakhvari, announced during a briefing at the government administration.


The minister emphasized the government’s commitment to improving the salary policy for teachers, stating that there has already been an increase of about 200% in teachers’ salaries under the current administration.


A new salary formula is being developed, and the minister assured that the new policy would result in substantial salary increases for all teachers.


“Why from the first of July? Because it is necessary to switch the system to the new salary policy, and this cannot be done during the academic year. Accordingly, as soon as the academic year ends, from the first of July, a new salary system will be implemented,” noted Giorgi Amilakhvari.




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