Nine illegal sawmills identified in western Imereti, Samegrelo regions

04.12.23 13:20

On Monday, Georgia's State Sub-Agency Department of Environmental Supervision said nine illegal sawmills had been identified last month in the western Georgian regions of Imereti and Samegrelo.


The body said three of the unregistered sawmills were sealed in Khoni municipality in Imereti. In contrast, six circular-type sawing machines were sealed in the backyards of residents of Chkhorotsku, Martvili, and Senaki municipalities in Samegrelo.


Inspectors also found a “large amount” of illegally cut timber in the illegal sawmills.

In total, 267 units of untreated round timber logs of various types and primary processing products with a volume of about 30 cubic meters were sealed.


With all nine cases containing signs of criminal offenses, the Department has forwarded the materials to “relevant agencies for further response”.

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