Georgian Prosecutor General, US Ambassador discuss ties, joint efforts against cybercrime

01.12.23 14:10

Irakli Shotadze, the Prosecutor General of Georgia, and Robin Dunnigan, the United States Ambassador to Georgia, on Friday discussed cooperation and joint efforts against cybercrime. 

During the introductory meeting between the officials, Shotadze expressed his gratitude for the Embassy's support in combating cybercrime and advancing the jury court system in the country, the Prosecutor General’s Office said. 


He also briefed the diplomat on ongoing reforms in his office and outlined the “strategic vision” for its future development. Ongoing talks for finalising extradition and legal assistance between the two states were also discussed.


For her part, the Ambassador conveyed appreciation for the collaborative efforts between the two countries, extending gratitude to Shotadze’s office for its “longstanding support” in “various international endeavours”, including extradition matters.




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