Romanian Parliament approves resolution in support of European Perspective of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Western Balkans

29.11.23 13:55

The Parliament of Romania, at the November 29 expanded session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, approved a resolution in support of the European Perspective of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Western Balkans.


According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, Romania reiterates support of Georgia’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. It reconfirms commitment to the principles and goals of the strategic partnership declaration signed between the countries in 2022.


The resolution highlights Georgia’s role in consolidation for stability, security, and welfare in the Black Sea region and stresses the need for the country’s integration into European space as a “successful tool to stimulate democratic transformation in the Eastern Neighborhood and the Western Balkans.


The document underscores that EU enlargement should be based on the individual efforts of candidate countries to meet the commitments as per European values.


“The Romanian Parliament firmly supports the European integration progress of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and urges for continued support so that Georgia takes further steps on the European integration path and receives EU candidate status.


This spirit is based on the clear pro-European orientation of Georgian citizens and also the expectation that Georgia will continue its efforts for the comprehensive and sustainable implementation of the European Commission’s recommendations,” reads the document.


In conclusion, the Romanian Parliament pledges readiness to continue cooperation and support to candidate countries to contribute to their progress on the path of EU accession.


Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili echoed the resolution’s adoption and thanked the Romanian Parliament for its support of Georgia.


“Many thanks to the Romanian Parliament for adopting a resolution on the European Perspective of Georgia. We highly appreciate your support for our country, especially at such a decisive moment on the EU accession path,” he tweeted.




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