“Euronews Georgia” established

19.09.19 12:55

A new Georgian-language news channel and a digital platform “Euronews Georgia” was established today through the agreement of Silknet and Euronews. President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili attended the presentation.


According to the Presidential Administration, the idea to establish “Euronews Georgia” came to President’s mind during the meeting with the shooting team of Euronews being on a visit in Tbilisi 6 months ago.


According to President, the establishment of Euronews Georgia is a big step forward for Georgia since media represents the foundation of democracy in any democratic country.


“We will receive from Euronews not only programs but European standards essential to the Georgian media space. I hope that by the establishment of the channel, European professionalism, attitude to unbiased information and European straightforwardness will enter Georgia,” President Zurabishvili said.


Michael Peters, Executive Director of Euronews thanked President of Georgia for attending the presentation.


Giorgi Ramishvili, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Silknet Company claimed that the news channel would be of high media standards and its editorial and staff policies would be in full compliance with Euronews standards.


Euronews Georgia will start broadcasting in autumn of 2020.



source: 1TV


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