Inmates harvest beans, greens and vegetables in Gldani prison

19.09.19 12:35

Inmates in Gldani #8 prison, in the outskirts of Tbilisi, have harvested beans, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and raspberries to sell them and receive income.


Georgian Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani has attended the harvest earlier today, saying that the project for inmates was launched in the spring.


"The agricultural project involves seven prisoners who have long prison terms,” Tsulukiani said. 


With the help of the French-Georgian Chamber of Commerce the products will be sold in one of the large supermarkets of Georgia, while beans and tomato harvested by the inmates are bought by Cafe Litera.


The inmates have already received up to 2,000 GEL ($680) income thanks to the project.



source: AGENDA

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