The Constitutional Court to prepare a report on the impeachment of the President by mid-October

04.10.23 15:30

According to Giorgi Tevdorashvili, the judge of the Constitutional Court, the court will prepare a report on the impeachment of the President by mid-October.


He told journalists about this before the start of the next court session on the case.


"Certainly, the case is important, and the court will prepare a report within the one-month period stipulated by the Constitution. Naturally, one month was counted from the filing of the lawsuit in the court, and by the middle of October, by October 14-15, the conclusion should be ready in the court. As for the evaluation, whether this case is the material of the first course of the Faculty of Law, the parties have the right to make evaluations," said the judge.


For information, for the second day, the Constitutional Court will consider the constitutional submission of Georgian Dream MPs on the issue of impeachment of President Salome Zurabishvili.




source: IPN 

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