Georgian PM warns against destabilization efforts

02.10.23 15:10

Once again, I want to warn both internal and external forces that might attempt to disrupt the peace and stability of the country. We will not allow such destructive forces to destroy our state again, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated at today’s Cabinet meeting.


The Prime Minister expressed concern about the activities of foreign citizens conducting training in Georgia under the guise of cultural engagement. He revealed these individuals were, in reality, providing instructions on how to orchestrate a revolution and violently unseat the government.


“I urge the public to exercise wisdom and resist such destructive forces. Let me recall the March events when students were manipulated and subsequently abandoned and how the Molotov cocktails were used against law enforcement officers. These actions are part of their pre-meditated anti-state schemes. We are prepared to confront these challenges and will not allow them to succeed. Those who actively participate in implementing these anti-state plans will face severe consequences and be subject to maximum penalties,” he stated.


The State Security Service has disclosed part of the evidence obtained through a secret investigation into the Canvas organization’s activities, which allegedly involved meetings with NGOs and civil activists to prepare for a revolutionary scenario.




source: 1TV

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